Slovakia – the country of cultural monuments

Eva Hvizdová, Eva Hvizdová, Katarína Radvanská


Slovakia has had an enormous potential of cultural sites of different origin. To reach optimum exploitation of its potential and economic benefits, it is necessary to create competitiveness with surrounding states, to seek sustainable tourism focused on specific destinations and to create products through effective marketing tools. Since modern tourism is mainly based on small and medium enterprises, government support is needed as well as the use of funds from the EU projects. The demand for cultural tourism in the future will continue to grow as more and more people are comfortable with completing secondary education and the trend is to continue and complete at least the first level of higher education resulting in higher demands on the provision of tourism services. An important role in vacation planning will be played by history, culture, arts, education, or discovering something new. Consequently, there will grow demand for special products, which will cover various aspects. "In terms of development and prosperity of this industry is, therefore, as important not only the quality and complexity of tourism services provided by the private sector, but also the availability of the location, nature of the country, its natural, cultural potential, the overall level of general infrastructure, scope and quality of public services, etc. "(Malá&Netková, 2002). The paper is based on theoretical knowledge defining the concepts of cultural heritage characteristics necessary for inclusion of the sights into cultural heritage. There are also selected cultural monuments analyzed from different aspects. Each country is trying to attract as many tourists as possiblan Slovakia cannot be an exception.

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tourism; cultural heritage; cultural tourism; reservoir of cultural and social monuments

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